Black Trumpet and Fiddlehead Societies

RRCT’s Black Trumpet Society recognizes supporters who give at least $1,000 annually. Our Fiddlehead Society recognizes supporters who give at least $500.00 annually. We are grateful for the the support of our generous donors. Donate online now to continue conservation leadership.

Black Trumpet Society

Betsy and Stephen Cushman

Elizabeth and Robert Nanovic

Benson and Hartley Webster

Ann Beatty-Rose and Dan Rose

       Nancy Baker Miller

Margaret and Tom Downing

Bruce Drouin and Janet Hansen and Family

        Ann Phillips

Bill Dunn and Barbara Logan

Gro Flatebo and Kent Wommack

Eugenie Francine and Brian Noyes

Charlie and Theresa Gendron

Ed and Joyce Gervais

Lisa Gorman

Maura Halkiotis and Tom Renehan

Doug and Linda Hermann

Vivian Horoshak and Robert Hawkins

Alice Ingraham

Dan Rosenberg and Jennifer Gervais

Betsy and Nelson Mead

Christiane Northrup

Christopher and Nancy Pierce

Moira Shanahan and Michael Friendly

Daniel Smith and Kristen Roos

David Steckler and Marcia Bowen

Pam Strayer

Tania Jo and Beth Sturtevant

        Rob Wood and Gay Peterson

Monte and Anne Wallace

John Wasileski and Anne Knowles

       Janet Lynch

 Steve Barr and Martha Leggat


Fiddlehead Society 

Sarah Clark

David Kitchen

Kathryn Dion and David Kennedy

John Duffy

Dan Emery

Ted and Celena Gervais

Esther Welles Greene

Ann and Dick Jackson

Chris and Pat Jackson

Will Johnston and Rosita Moore

Anne and Michael Jones

Alice Kirkpatrick and Richard Connelly

The Laputz Family

June McCormack

Chris and Steve McDuffie

Sharon McHold and Tom Settlemire

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Mellon

Sara Nelson

Richard Noone and Leslie Damon

Hannah and Dan Ostrye

Pam Peters

Jo D. Saffeir and Kris Carr

Peggy Schuler

Megan Selvitelli and Michael Dedekian

Stephanie Small and Kurt Kelley

Bill Taylor and Nancy Thompson

James and Elizabeth Taylor

Bert Troughton and Joan Dempsey

Jeff and Anne Verrill

       Mona Lisa Schulz

David and Ruth Morine

(updated March 1, 2018)

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