Pisgah Hill Full Moon Trek

9th Annual Pisgah Hill Full Moon Trek

4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Saturday, February 8th, 2020  (Free)

74 Dougherty Road, New Gloucester, Maine
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Join as many as one hundred RRCT members, neighbors, trustees, toddlers, grandparents and friends to hike the one-mile loop trail, share some cheer at the summit, sip hot cocoa, toast marshmallows, and hoot or howl at the big orange rising moon.

The year 2020 brings RRCT’s 9th annual mountain-top moon-rise trek and bonfire. All the fun happens at Pisgah Hill Preserve74 Dougherty Road, New Gloucester near the Pownal town line (called Chadsey Road in Pownal).

The sun sets at 5:01 pm and the moon rises at 4:55 pm (in theory). It takes almost a half hour for the moon to rise over Tryon & Bradbury Mountains to the east of Pisgah Hill. Plan to start your hike between 4:30 pm (best for sunset) and 6:30 pm (well-lit full moon woods) and plan on 30 solid minutes of hiking time on this 1.5 mile lollipop-style loop trail (1 mile loop with a 0.5 mile stick). The trail is well-marked and typically lighted with luminaries for the return. Gentle elevation rise and a rickety bridge on the trail requires some effort; assistance for the elderly or toddlers may be required for one or two steep ledge steps. Bring snowshoes or sturdy boots with grippers, poles, a flashlight or headlamp, a blanket, water, and lots of good cheer. We’ll provide marshmallows and more.

The trailhead has a small parking lot which fills quickly. Most vehicles line the shoulder of Dougherty Road. Click here for preserve details and maps.