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November 24, 2017, Portland Press Herald:  Sediment Behind Bridge Street Dam Found to be Fairly Clean

November 16, 2017, Portland Press Herald:  Yarmouth aims to close deal on 24-acre Royal River preserve

September 2017, Lewiston Sun Journal:  Improved fish passage insures brook trout return to Brandy Brook

May 2017, Bangor Daily News:  Kid-friendly Rain or Shine hiking club

May 2017, Bangor Daily News:  Paddling  down Stephen King’s river

April 2017, MaineBiz:   Corporate teams blend work and fun (Run of the Royal)

April 2017, The Times Record:  50 Acres Conserved in Durham

January 2017, Maine Women Magazine:  Take the kids on an outdoor adventure with the Rain or Shine Club

October 2016, Maine Magazine: Enjoying the Royal: Communities Collaborate to Create Access to Nature

August 2016, Keep Me Current:  Durham farm has few hands, many hooves

August 2016, The Forecaster:  Freeport, Yarmouth land trusts challenge folks to take a hike

July 2016, Inside New Gloucester:  New Canoe, Kayak Launch

July 2016, The Forecaster:  Repairs, cleanup, parking planned at Cumberland-North Yarmouth preserve

April 2016, The Forecaster:  Yarmouth to Launch Royal River canoe race

September 2015, The Forecaster:  Cumberland, North Yarmouth to seal Knight’s Pond purchase

November, 2015, Tri-Town Weekly:  New preserve safeguards land in Durham at Runaround Pond

November, 2015, Portland Press Herald:  Wising up on owls

April 2015, Portland Press Herald:  Conservationists eye more land along Royal River

August 2014, Portland Press Herald:  Yarmouth trail takes shape, recruits users

July 2014, Hiking in Maine:  Happy as a Yarmouth clam

November 2013, Portland Press Herald:  Royal River’s journey to future should begin with removal of lower dam

April 2013, Portland Press Herald:  Dam’s removal will help restore river

May 2010: Portland Press Herald: Royal River:  Blood, sweat and gear

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