Run of the Royal: Signup, Details and Hints

Run of the Royal Signup, Details & Helpful Hints

Registration is open for the third annual Run of the Royal Corporate Canoe Challenge on Saturday, May 19, 2018, presented by Maine Beer Company and benefiting the Royal River Conservation Trust. The race begins at 10:00 am. Pre-race meetings are at 9:30 am. The race starts and ends at Yarmouth History Center, East Elm Street, Yarmouth.

The race’s relay format, with eight racers paddling four legs (two paddlers/leg) is an amazing team-building opportunity, so don’t let your company be left out in 2018! Though the race is targeted at company and employee teams, any group is welcome to participate.

Can’t find eight paddlers? A single paddler may paddle as many legs as they wish. For example, pull together a team of four and have each paddler do two legs.  Family members and guests are also invited to join company or organizational teams.  We’ll provide the boat!

Race Fees and Signup

Reserve your spot early to save big! Our early-registration corporate discount ended April 20, 2018.  Any team who wishes to reference a sponsoring business should sign up for the Corporate Team category.  Simply select your team option and click the “Run the Royal Signup Now” button.

(If a check is easier for your company, and avoiding credit card fees for us, mail a check to RRCT, P.O.Box 90, 04096.)

Team Category

New for 2018: Longer and Shorter Race Options; Paddling Clinics

Some teams in 2017 found the 2.7-mile out-and-back loop too long, so we are offering a shorter 1.7-mile loop option (see the race course map below). The top three team finishers in both lengths will receive awards. The longer loop took anywhere from 30 to 55 minutes per leg depending on your team’s skill and effort level, and the shorter loop should take 20 to 35 minutes. We recommend the shorter loop for less experienced paddlers and teams looking for a more recreational experience.

Also in 2018 we’ll have practice paddling sessions and paddling clinics in the days leading up to the race, with support from LL Bean and Maine Beer.  Stay tuned for details!

Scroll Down for Rules and Helpful Hints!


Rules and Helpful Hints

  1. Pre-Race Meeting, 9:30am at the boat ramp – A representative from each team must attend a pre-race meeting immediately before the start to review the course, potential hazards, medical emergency procedures, communications and safety procedures. This information must be distributed by the representative to all team members.  The race starts at 10:00 am.
  2. Life Jackets – Maine law requires life jackets to be worn by all paddlers on the water. Whistles are provided at race start and must be affixed to life jacket of one jacket per team. For teams using canoes provided by RRCT, we will provide you with two life jackets and two paddles. Therefore you will need to pass them on to the next leg, or bring more life jackets or paddles of your own. If you are bringing your own canoe, you will need to provide your own paddles and life jackets. No need to pass on the jackets to the next leg as long as everyone paddling is wearing one.
  3. Boats and Paddles – If you are bringing your own canoe, the paddles shall be single blade only (i.e no kayak paddles). There are no boat categories.  We’ll provide canoes to all registrants who need them, and two paddles per boat, and coordinate in advance of the race on gear.
  4. Race Lengths – Teams must select one of the two race lengths available before beginning the race, and may not switch during the race. Teams that do not complete their assigned length will be disqualified.
  5. Each boat will have its assigned number affixed to both sides of the bow. The team captain will receive the stickers at the registration table.
  6. Paddlers may paddle as many of the (4) legs as they wish.
  7. Contestants must pass off their boats to team members at the relay transitions without assistance.
  8. Possession or consumption of alcohol during the race, at the start or at the finish is against Maine law and prohibited. Consumption of alcohol at the Yarmouth History Center (YHC) or at Royal River Park is strictly prohibited.
  9. Competitors are responsible for their own transportation. Parking is at a premium and carpooling is highly recommended. There will be no parking in the YHC lot during the event, and the Royal River lot across the street will also be closed to race competitors. We have access to roughly 60 spaces at the Masonic Lodge on Main Street, as well as the lot at William H. Rowe School. We will NOT have a shuttle bus running this year.
  10. The awards ceremony for the shorter course option will be held at approximately 12-12:30pm, and the awards ceremony for the longer course option will be held at approximately 2-2:30pm (pending weather and results).
  11. And most importantly…HAVE FUN!

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