Rain or Shine Club, Flexible Schedule Spring 2020

Next outings:

During the Spring of 2020, RRCT’s Rain or Shine Club will continue with self-led outings. Getting outside and onto trails is healthy for you in so many ways.  If Thursdays at 10:00 am work for you, you can meet-up with others at the first of the locations below, keeping safe distances, and take the initiative to lead. Or to be safest, choose one of the other locations or a different day and time (or multiple days) to keep safest distances.  Each hike listed below will be accompanied with a few suggestions of ways to engage your kids further in the treks you do. Send photos, videos, drawings and written observations to share with other Rain or Shine Club members to Carrie. or post them on Instagram and Facebook using #royalriverconservationtrust  Let’s stay connected!! Also notice our photo and video contest linked to our RRCT 400 Footer Club.

Week of March 30 - April 3: Three More Outings for You and Your Family

The Sam Ristich Trails

Location: Begin at the trailhead at Village Square Road near the Town Office, and go through the woods to cross Parsonage Road to access the Sam Ristich Nature Trail.

These trails are owned and managed by the town of North Yarmouth. The trail connects town parks, town forests and old railroad beds.  This trail hosts 16 trail stations with observations on flora and fauna. You might not have the easiest time as things haven’t quite budded and bloomed, but its a good time to get out and see what you might see during the late spring, summer and fall. Dr. Sam Ristich was an entomologist, mycologist, enthusiastic teacher and lover of nature. 

One-page downloadable Sam Ristich Nature Walk numbered station guide

Check it out. take the kids for a walk on these trails and learn what you can. Get outside and stay healthy!

The West Side Trail Phase I Sandy Point Beach

GPS Address: Cousins Street, Yarmouth ME.  To get there follow Gilman Rd. toward Cousins Island. After you cross the bridge to Cousins Island, the parking lot is on the left. 

This beach is great to visit at low tide, or as the tide is going out. Check out the tide tables at Tides for the Royal River to plan your trip.  This spot is really great for bird watching. During this time you can see Eider ducks, the females are brown and males are black and white, they congregate in large groups on the water. Sometimes you can see them pair off, a black and white one with a brown one.  You may also see geese and of course, sea gulls. 

Look for shells! If you find an especially nice one, we’d love a picture of it. Have a great time and stay dry!

Wescustogo Park

This small park off 231 in North Yarmouth is owned and managed by the town of North Yarmouth. There are no trails here, but access to the river and a great place for a picnic or a romp in the grass on a warm sunny day. If there is wind, a great place to take your kids to fly a kite.  

On a sunny day with clouds, lie on the ground and see what kinds of shapes you see in the clouds. Look at the river and talk about where rivers go. When you get home, look at a map of the Royal River and where you visited.  Think about what kinds of animals live in the river.  Send us a photo or a drawing. We’d love to see what kind of outdoor adventures you’ve been on. 

Rain or Shine Shares

This is where we will share artwork, observations, videos and photos that are sent along. I’m looking forward to connecting to everyone.


Program Details:

The Rain or Shine Club offers a family-friendly and new-neighbor-friendly introduction to our favorite places with a focus on our active land stewardship projects. Learn how and why we work to protect land, and to protect and develop access to land. Each week we celebrate our successes with a variety of guided and self-led tours. Please join us Thursday mornings at 10 am (flexible-variable during Spring 2020) for a well-planned, no-cost adventure. Outings are typically an hour or two long. This five minute video describes the program and experience from one family’s perspective.  

We head out rain (or snow, or wind…) or shine! Please be mindful of the weather, and bugs, and dress accordingly. Bring appropriate gear, snacks, and thermos or water bottle. Well-behaved dogs are usually welcome with a leash and bags. Check this site regularly to stay updated. Any updates or changes to an event will be posted here by 7 am on the day of the outing.

Contact us at (207) 847-9399 with questions about gear, driving directions or anything else.

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