Penney Road to Wescustogo Park

Penney Road in New Gloucester, downstream to Wescustogo Park (Route 231) in North Yarmouth

We have not yet put this stretch of river on one map, since securing the Penney Road access in late 2017.  Most of this stretch of river is on this easily printed PDF map, while the northern-most section is on this second map.

This trip is delightful at the right water levels, but strainers (fallen trees) can present considerable challenges at any water level. Hunters and paddlers maintain some of the trip with hand-saws, but seasonal changes or recently fallen trees will always present challenges.

There is no public take-out in the X mile stretch between Penney Road and Wescustogo Park. Interim takeouts typically require express landowner permission, or very sharp scrambles up embankments.  Please respect “no trespassing” and other signs at some river crossings.