Old Town House Park to Royal River Park

mapimage-rrwt-rt9-east-elmstThis six mile segment of the Royal River is a flatwater stretch beginning at Old Town House Park on Route 9 in North Yarmouth and ending at Royal River Park at East Elm Street in Yarmouth. It is one of the most popular segments of the Royal River, and as it is entirely flat with no current, this segment can be paddled upstream, downstream, and round trip from either boat launch. This stretch of river can be paddled by novices from well-maintained hand-carry boat launches at either end, where there is also good parking. Canoes are available to rent at Royal River Park. Contact Yarmouth Community Services for information on renting canoes, paddles, and PFDs for a small fee.

The river here is a six mile narrow pond formed by the dam at East Elm Street. With a heavily forested shoreline and meandering oxbows, this segment of river provides an escape into the quiet woods of Maine, with only occasional houses or docks visible from the river, and abundant birds and wildlife. Steep banks allow very few locations for picnics or swimming. The Route 9 boat launch also provides access for paddling upriver, including paddling up both the Chandler Brook and the Royal.More Information

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