Sabbathday Lake to New Gloucester Fairgrounds

RoyalRiver_SabbathdayLaketoBaldHillRd_2016_largeThis segment of the Royal River Water Trail consists of the uppermost reaches of the Royal River and its headwater ponds. Visitors can enjoy beautiful, quiet flatwater paddling trips and great fishing, along with some trails along the shoreline. Sections within this segment that are suitable for paddling include Sabbathday Lake, Chandler Mill Pond, and the stretch of the Royal River from the Tobey Road boat launch to the New Gloucester Fairgrounds boat launches. Free boat rentals at the Fairgrounds allow for an easy and fun trip beginning at the Fairgrounds, traveling upstream to Tobey Road, and returning. Other sections of the Royal River in this area are not suitable for paddling, so please read the information below carefully before planning your trip.

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