Yarmouth Downtown

Downtown Yarmouth provides a rich variety of river experience, highly varied depending upon water levels. A remarkable network of trails and parks along the river provide for a wide range of recreation. Well-stocked fisheries attract anglers and kids year-round.mapimage-rrwt-yarmouth-downtown


Either end of downtown has accessible boat launches for trips upriver, or toward Casco Bay. Between those launches, the dams and waterfalls in downtown Yarmouth create significant portages or expert whitewater opportunities; the whitewater in this stretch should only be paddled with extensive scoping before any trip. Whitewater conditions vary significantly depending on recent rain amounts.

Yarmouth schools and others use the lowest section of whitewater for instructional classes.

The Five Page Paddlers Guide is invaluable for folks looking to fully explore the whitewater options of Yarmouth.


An overview of this stretch of the Royal River, Yarmouth, ME

A more detailed tour of the expert paddling experience at
Third Falls (Middle Falls) at low water levels.