Trail Crew, Wednesdays at 10 am

Scroll far below for program details and description.  Join us!


Wednesday March 4th, 10:00 am-noon Trail crew is having a workshop day to build Wood Duck Boxes to replace those lost at Pisgah Hill North. We will meet at generous volunteers workshop at 86 Henry Road, North Yarmouth – please carpool if possible and walk down to the basement level to enter the shop. Wear ear and eye protection and a work shirt.  Tools will be provided on site. Please check out Audubon’s How to Build Wood Duck Boxes to familiarize yourself with the process. Interesting box build video.

Royal River Conservation Trust’s weekly volunteer trail upkeep and construction program is prepped and staffed, and compliments our annual stewardship field work. Work sessions are planned for two hours, always Wednesdays, always at 10:00 am. We push forward each week focusing on RRCT’s many public access properties, often spending several weeks in a row at the same site. RRCT is also happy to help out our trail neighbors when the Trail Crew has availability. Trail Crew attendance ranges from two and eight volunteers each week.

There is a job for everyone, no matter your shape, skills, strength. Join us the one week you have time or interest, or put Trail Crew on your calendar as your regular Wednesday morning ritual. Trail Crew’s focus on creatively, sustainably, safely, and efficiently completing RRCT’s physical work goals. Trail Crew tackles a variety of on-site trail building issues including boundary identification and marking, route finding and trail alignment, brush and wood clearing, water management, wetland and stream crossings, treadway stabilization, invasives species management and signage.

RRCT brings specific tools that will be helpful. We encourage volunteer crew members to bring their own tools. Hand saws, pole saws, and loppers are favorites. Crew members should bring a water bottle and should wear sturdy shoes, safety glasses, gloves, and the right clothes for the day.