Trail Crew, Wednesdays at 10am

Trail Crew members are you. Royal River Conservation Trust and Trail Boss, Kyle Warren are hosting a weekly program called Trail Crew. This trail construction program is staffed and will compliment our annual scheduled stewardship work. Work sessions are planned for two hours on Wednesday mornings and we will push forward each week, sometimes spending several weeks in a row at the same trailhead. This program is open to everyone who is able to join and we invite you to bring the skills you already have and learn new ones. Join us the one week you have time or put it on your calendar as your regular Wednesday morning ritual. The focus will be on creatively, sustainably, safely and efficiently completing RRCT’s physical work goals, not necessarily on education, but we’ll all be doing lots of learning. Trail Crew will address the entire spectrum of on-site trail building; including boundary identification and marking, route finding and trail alignment, brush and wood clearing, water management, wetland and stream crossings, as well as treadway stabilization, and signage needs.  Join us at the work-site of the week Wednesdays at 10am.

RRCT will bring specific tools that will be helpful. Crew Members are encouraged to bring your own tools to create and care for your own tool box. Crew members should bring a water bottle and should wear sturdy shoes, safety glasses, gloves, and the right clothes for the day (hint, the right clothes are always layered).  Dogs are not encouraged to attend this program, (mostly for their own safety), but the trails we build will be perfect to return to with the entire family.

Kyle is a Registered Maine Master Guide and is Wilderness First Aid and CPL chainsaw safety trained. He’s been learning and loving these paths and places as RRCT stewardship staff for most of the last decade. Land protection and appropriate access to it is what feeds him. Join us each week or whenever you are able, to build on this passion.


June 27,Wednesday at 10am- Littlejohn Island Preserve, Pemasong Lane Extension, Yarmouth. Trail Crew switches gear and does some maintenance on the existing trail. Join us Wednesday morning for a work session at Littlejohn Island Preserve. Parking for this event is behind the gated Service Entrance at the terminus of Pemasong Lane Extension. If you are coming to work please leave the four day-use spots at the top of the hill for recreators. Bring your favorite rake or brush clearing tools. The most “Crew Points” will be awarded to those of you bringing a pole-saw and safety glasses and a helmet. canopy and shrubby trees have grow lots in the past few years and it is time to open things up again. While this Preserve is not currently inundated with Brown Tail Moth, it is not uncommon to see one or a few during a visit. Full precautions should be observed.

July 11,Wednesday at 10am- Pisgah Hill Preserve, 161 N. Pownal Road, New Gloucester. Back to 161 for a special “post-hole” special. When the Hobson family protected the land now owned by RRCT the literally sold the farm including some roads in now confusing locations. Trail Crew will install split-rail fence and push the quality and amount trail work forward.

TBDWednesday at 10am- Chandler Brook Trail, GPS: 854 Elmwood Road, Pownal

Project: The Chandler Brook Trail is the gorgeous quiet (no bikes yet) bypass of the Bradbury to Pineland Corridor.  This trail crosses private land with several RRCT trail easements, conservation easements, with trail rights, connecting on each side to public (municipal and state owned) land.  We’ll begin roadside and determine the best trail alignment  by “pin-flagging” our preferred alignment. Next steps, will be “brushing” the trail, evaluating water management needs, building any stone or lumber infrastructure, then finally spec’ing signage needs. This will be the rhythm. Each week we’ll continue this progression at this site or another. Call or text Kyle (207)632-6112 with questions, we have cell service at nearly all of our worksites.


Archive 2018

June 20,Wednesday at 10am- Runaround Pond Recreation Area, Runaround Pond Road, Durham-  Work completed: To install three traffic control bollards to replace the creaky old gate we excavated for three footings, drove rebar 3′ into the ground and conceptualized a locking system for the center structure. With the three 3-foot tall bollards prefabricated we mixed and poured concrete in the pits. The 8″x8″x3′ timber posts received 12′ spikes and lag screws in the base which set into and captured by the concrete.

The site was cleared of brush and trash. The spoil soil was removed to 161 North Pownal Road, Pisgah Hill Preserve to fill a small turnpiking role near that trail head.

Members: Bill & Kyle

June 13,Wednesday at 10am- Pisgah Hill Preserve, 161 N. Pownal Road, New Gloucester. The inaugural location for Trail Crew netted the perfect results. After a 4-consecutive week run at this location, we will have successfully opened a trailhead to countless future possibilities while asserting our access rights to this Land For Maine’s Future Program. This week we will be doing some stone work with on site materials and continuing to clear way to a destination spot where the trail will end and exploration begins (for now).

Members: Kathy, Bill, Barb, Alan & Kyle

June 6,  Wednesday at 10am- Pisgah Hill Preserve-north, GPS: 161 N. Pownal Road, New Gloucester

Members: Kathy, Bill, Barb, Alan & Kyle

Work completed: The Crew brushed out an additional 750′ feet of trail to open access to the main body of the property. Elevating trees trailside and scratching through the hummus layer to get the to mineral soil for the foottread are the best way to memorialize a a route through mature mixed growth forest. We also “roughed-in” another 50′ bench cut near to compliment the one we started last week.

May 30, Wednesday at 10am- Pisgah Hill Preserve-north, GPS: 161 N. Pownal Road, New Gloucester

Members: Bill & Kyle

Work completed: The Crew “cut-in” a 50′ bench cut near Chhem on RRCT fee land, continued treadway development, and elevated trees trailside. In addition to the single section of split rail fence spec’ed last week to close a stonewall opening, there should be an additional section installed in the stonewall opening by Bowie.

May 23- Wednesday at 10am- Pisgah Hill Preserve-north, GPS: 161 N. Pownal Road, New Gloucester

Members: Kathy, Bill , Alan & Kyle

Work completed: The Crew “ground checked” Kyle’s layout of the fee property bounds and the Right of Way. Within the 20′ RoW, the trailhead location and the trial alignment were adjusted to take the best advantage of upland soils and the minimal amount of moving wood and rocks. We decided to route the trail along the wooded side of the stonewall near the Chhem/Bowie corner to avoid visual impacts associated with routing the trial through (RRCT fee) the edge of the field. To visually reinforce trail routing a few sections of split-rail fence will be used at stonewall openings near the trail. The first 500 feet of trial were brushed out and raked. One of three stone steps were built to visually and physically aid in the transition from the driveway to the trail. The 2’x2′ blue preserve sign was relocated to RRCT fee land.