2020 Intervale Preserve Fire

On May 5, 2020 a brush fire burned through 10 acres of Royal River Conservation Trust’s Intervale Preserve in New Gloucester. The fire was likely started by a spark from a train on the train-tracks, on a day with gusty winds. Ten municipal fire departments responded, along with Maine Forest Service helicopters. We are so thankful for all the fire departments that responded so quickly. The fire burned for a short section across the preserve’s loop trail, making the trail an amazing place to watch nature regenerate after a brush fire. Nearly all of the open marsh visible from the trail burned, removing dry grasses and cat tails from the previous year.

May 5, 2020: New Gloucester Fire & Rescue Report

May 5, 2020: Sun Journal: Fire Burns Through Brush on Intervale Rd. in New Gloucester

May 8, 2020: This photo was taken just 3 days after the fire. We’ll continue to watch this part of the trail and forest as nature heals herself.
photo of first green after the fire
May 15, 2020 The first green after the fire
photo of Intervale bench
May 15, 2020 The bench looking out onto the greening Intervale