The Forecaster: Yarmouth trust hits funding goal for Royal River shoreline purchase

By Jocelyn Van Saun

YARMOUTH — Last year was big for the Royal River Conservation Trust.

Highlights included a 50-acre acquisition at Runaround Pond in Durham, a 427-acre easement on Waterhouse Farm in New Gloucester, and a 70-acre addition of non-contiguous land with 2 miles of shoreline at Intervale Preserve in New Gloucester.

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Portland Press Herald: Sediment Behind Bridge Street Dam Found to be Fairly Clean

By Kevin Miller

An environmental analysis of sediments behind Yarmouth’s Bridge Street Dam found a few spots of lower-level contamination but largely gave the stretch of Royal River a clean bill of health despite its industrial past.

The Nature Conservancy hired a firm several years ago to test samples on the Royal River at a time when town residents and organizations were debating whether to remove or bypass the lower dam. While Yarmouth officials have since shelved those discussions – at least at the town level – The Nature Conservancy went forward with the testing.

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Bangor Daily News: Kid-friendly Rain or Shine hiking club

By Hailee Morin

The sun is throwing a temper tantrum. On my way to today’s hike with the Royal River Conservation Trust’s Rain or Shine Club, large luscious raindrops splattered against my windshield. When my year-old daughter and I arrived, the sun peaked its head out from behind a cloud just long enough to make me rethink my long-sleeve shirt, pants, Smartwool socks, and rain jacket. Before I had time to ditch any of my extra layers of skin, it again meandered into obscurity.

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