Black Trumpet and Fiddlehead Societies

RRCT’s Black Trumpet Society recognizes supporters who give at least $1,000 annually. Our Fiddlehead Society recognizes supporters who give at least $500.00 to $999. We are grateful for the the support of our generous donors. Donate online now to continue conservation leadership.

Black Trumpet Society

  • Steve Barr and Martha Leggat
  • Anne Beatty-Rose and Dan Rose
  • Betsy and Stephen Cushman
  • Kathryn Dion and David Kennedy
  • Margaret and Tom Downing
  • Gro Flatebo and Kent Wommack
  • Michael and Julie Fralich
  • Eugenie Francine and Brian Noyes
  • Ed and Joyce Gervais
  • Doug and Linda Hermann
  • Alice W Ingraham
  • Janet Lynch
  • Betsy and Nelson Mead
  • Nancy Baker Miller and Family
  • Elizabeth and Robert Nanovic
  • Ann Phillips
  • Field Rider and Susie Percy
  • Moira Shanahan and Michael Friendly
  • Tania Jo and Beth Sturtevant
  • Bert Troughton and Joan Dempsey
  • Monte and Anne Wallace
  • Benson and Hartley Webster
  • Rob Wood and Gay Peterson
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

Fiddlehead Society

  • Sarah Clark
  • Craig and Kris Coleman
  • Tom Cox and Christine Force
  • Joel and Nisha Dearborn
  • Bill Dunn and Barbara Logan
  • Dan Emery
  • Lisa Gorman
  • Chris and Pat Jackson
  • Anne Jackson
  • Will Johnston and Rosita Moore
  • Edward Maloney and Claire Newton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Mellon
  • David and Ruth Morine
  • Jo D. and Kristian Carr
  • Denise and John Palmer
  • Margaret Schuler
  • Mona Lisa Shultz
  • Lynne A. Seeley and Peter S. Lee
  • Kurt Kelley and Stephanie Small
  • Ellen Tobias and Joanna Billiard

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