Land Acquisition Fund

If you’d like your donation to cover costs associated with acquiring land, easements and long term reserves check the Land Acquisition Fund box on the donate form above. This fund was established in 2016 and has already supported many opportunities for conservation acquisitions as our communities grow and thrive. With a strengthened fund, we seize opportunities as they arise. For additional information visit:  Land Acquisition Fund.

RRCT Giving Societies

Our giving societies recognize those who give generously on a variety of levels annually. Join us and be recognized on our website, receive email updates and invites to all of our events. Help save land now for our current and future generations. You can view our ever-growing list: RRCT’s giving societies or join or renew now by donating today using online forms or payment option at the bottom of this page.

Business Partnership Donations, Sponsorships & Tickets

Become a conservation leader by joining RRCT as a business partner. Your business will help save land and promote clean water and air, while protecting the recreational and historic value of the Royal River region for future generations. To find out more and for online donation and other payment options visit: Business Partnerships. Or sponsor one of our events: The Pisgah Hill Full Moon Trek is right around the corner in February. Our summer Soiree, RRCT Celebrates! happens every August.

Planned Giving

Leaving a legacy for future generations through planned gifts is a great way to support conservation. By including Royal River Conservation Trust in your estate plans you can give a gift that lasts beyond your lifetime. For more information on planned giving visit: Planned Giving

DONATE: BY FILLING OUT THE FORM BELOW: Your gifts help us preserve land. Join 600 households and businesses who support our work. Our donors have helped conserve over 5300 acres of preserve, trails, habitat and farms. Your donation makes you an RRCT member. Use the form below for credit and debit cards. Make checks payable to RRCT, P.O. Box 90, Yarmouth ME. 04096. Call or email for more information at (207) 847-9399,


Call or email Executive Director Alan Stearns or Development Coordinator Carrie Ridgway with any questions, or if you’d like to explore other donation options, including gifts of appreciated stock, IRA distributions, or donations of land or conservation easements. We appreciate all donations of any size, to keep all of our programs free and open to all. Scroll below to see all of the different ways you can support RRCT.