Business Partnerships

Join conservation leaders who are investing in the quality of life in the communities of the Royal River watershed.  Forests, farms, preserves, trails, fishing, hunting, water access, and parks create an environment to attract businesses, residents, employees, and visitors. Our conservation partners are an integral part of Royal River Conservation Trust, enabling us to preserve land, build trails and create access for the public good.

We want you to support us because you and your business believe in conservation in the Royal River watershed. 

Business Contributions, Event Sponsorships, and Team Participation

To join RRCT as a business partner, or to register/sponsor one of our fundraising events click: Business Partner Contributions.

Or download: Business Partnership Agreement and Invoice  and pay by check.

For information on our canoe race visit:  The Run of the Royal Corporate Canoe Race Challenge

For information on RRCT Celebrates! visit: RRCT Celebrates!

Conservation Partner Promotion & Visibility

RRCT provides year-round promotion of business partners’ names and logos through communications scaled to the size of the donation or event sponsorship, including: website, emails, newsletters, kiosks, press and event displays.  All of your contributions — including unrestricted contributions, event sponsorship, canoe race registrations — for the prior twelve month period will be aggregated. We publish and promote our conservation partners as:

Royal Champions $5,000 and up per year
Royal Leaders $2,000 to $4,999 per year
Royal Partners $1,000 to $1,999 per year
Chandler Brook Partners $500 to $999 per year
East Branch Partners $250 to $499 per year
Collyer Brook Partners $100 to $249 per year
Toddy Brook Partners $50 to $99 per year

RRCT events and projects are regularly recognized by statewide and greater Portland media. RRCT email newsletters are sent to nearly 2000 residents and businesses. RRCT’s website and social media pages are visited by thousands of viewers.

Join us today by sending a donation to RRCT/ PO Box 90/ Yarmouth ME 04096 or contribute online at:

Unique Agreements

RRCT negotiates unique arrangements with different companies. For instance, an art gallery donated the proceeds from an exhibit and a financial services business sponsored the Royal River Film Series. Contact us if you would like to help raise revenue for RRCT through a unique arrangement. To discuss a unique agreement call at 207-847-9399 or contact us through email: Executive Director Alan Stearns or Development Coordinator: Carrie Ridgway.

In-kind Donation

RRCT has strong relationships with many businesses who offer pro-bono or in-kind services. These include bakeries, brewing companies, vendors, and a dozen local landscape architects, lawyers, financial advisors, restaurants, print shops and construction companies. Contact us if you are interested in more information by calling 207-847-9399 or email: Executive Director: Alan Stearns or Development Coordinator: Carrie Ridgway.

Media Sponsorship

RRCT negotiates media sponsorships in exchange for pro-bono promotion of our work. E mail Executive Director Alan Stearns or Development Coordinator: Carrie Ridgway.

Many local businesses already generously support our work as conservation leaders. To become an RRCT Business Partner, please donate online, send a donation by mail to Royal River Conservation Trust, PO Box 90, Yarmouth ME 04096 or contact Executive Director Alan Stearns or Development Coordinator Carrie Ridgway at 207-847-9399