Discover the Royal River

The Yarmouth Historical Society, North Yarmouth Historical Society, New Gloucester Historical Society, Durham Historical Society, Skyline Farm, and the Royal River Conservation Trust were pleased to host this  special opportunity to Discover the Royal River.

SELF-LED TOURS ALL MONTH: The contest ended October 31, 2017, with self-led discovery explorations at your convenience. Maps were available all month at Yarmouth History center, on kiosks at each park, or just use the information on this webpage or print out this six-page 8.5 x 11 packet that includes everything you’ll need.

EXPLORE: Five parks or preserves in four towns:

FOLLOW: Hiking and walking trails that are well-marked and suitable for kids of the elderly.

DISCOVER: Local history on conserved land up and down the river, with interpretive information developed with help from the historical societies of Yarmouth, North Yarmouth, Durham, and New Gloucester and the curators at Skyline Farm.

FIND: Sixteen selfie stations with historic interpretation material


ONE WAY TO WIN: Shoot the whole shebang: Visit five sites, four towns, several selfie stations per site.  There are 16 in all.  Snap a selfie at each one. Send your photos to or tag your photos @RoyalRiverConservationTrust on Facebook or Instragram. To tag on Facebook you must like us on Facebook first!

SECOND WAY TO WIN:  Shoot the best:  prize awarded to the BEST selfie of all photos submitted.  Send your photos to or tag your photos @RoyalRiverConservationTrust.  To tag on Facebook, you must like us on Facebook first!

Prize winners will be drawn on November 1, 2017.