Winter Hill Farm

Winter Hill Farm is located about 5 miles northwest of Freeport Village, in the Royal River watershed.  The farmstead is located on a picturesque hilltop, surrounded by 55 acres of gently rolling pasture and mixed forest. The farm is made up of about 25 acres of open pasture and 30 acres of mixed woodlot.

Winter Hill Farm was started nearly a decade ago by Jim Stampone and his wife Kate LeRoyer. It was their dedication to the Randall Lineback breed which led them to build the small dairy and creamery that is now Winter Hill. Jim and Kate decided to retire from milking cows in 2011. Upon their retirement, Winter Hill was purchased by two families dedicated to the preservation of farmland in the mid-coast area. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Freeport Conservation Trust, Winter Hill Farm is now permanently protected with a forever farm agricultural conservation easement.

Today Winter Hill is managed by Steve Burger and Sarah Wiederkehr, who live in the farm homestead with their two children, Isaac and Calla, and their dogs Jasper and Cully. There are also full and part time employees- without their hard work this farm could not run!

For more information visit:  The Winter Hill Farm website