Human Connection: Gray-New Gloucester Little League Fields

This property include the Gray-New Gloucester Little League (GNGLL’s) current softball field. Our campaign seeks funding to acquire and reconstruct this field, and to build up to two more ball fields. Improving and expanding the facilities will benefit girls’ softball, boys’ baseball, and use by all community groups and people of all ages and abilities. Walking trails could be built connecting the ball fields to the village and the New Gloucester Village Store across conservation land, along with trail-head parking and parking for access for hunting and other uses of the conservation land.

Click here for more information on GNGLL’s evolving ballfield plans.

Click here for a “Go Fund Me” campaign for donations specifically aimed at GNGLL’s plans, with RRCT support.  Donations through RRCT’s campaign also jointly support GNGLL’s plans. 

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