Royal River Greenbelt (concept Rail-Trail)

The Casco Bay Trail Alliance is laying the groundwork for a major regional trail network, including the proposed 17-mile “Royal River Greenbelt” from Yarmouth to Danville (Auburn), using the state-owned Saint Lawrence & Atlantic Rail Line. More information is on the webpage of the Casco Bay Trail Alliance.

RRCT is using this webpage to provide information and track discussions in multiple communities.

Press Herald stories (all 2021) are here: (PPH1PPH2PPH3).

Portland To Auburn Rail Corridor Use Advisory Council: This Council was created in 2022. MaineDOT maintains the Council’s website with membership lists, minutes, background documents, more. This site has information on past and future Council Meetings


  • Yarmouth’s West Side Trail 
  • Yarmouth’s Royal River Park
  • Yarmouth’s East Elm Street Boat Access
  • Yarmouth’s Riverfront Woods Preserve 
  • Yarmouth’s Sweetsir Farm Preserve 
  • North Yarmouth’s Dunn’s Depot Royal River Boat Access (OTHP and Baston Park) 
  • North Yarmouth’s Old Town House Park (nearby)
  • RRCT’s Dunn’s Depot Trails (nearby)
  • North Yarmouth’s Chandler Brook Preserve
  • RRCT’s Packard Farm Preserve (being expanded and renamed in 2021)
  • Maine BPL’s Bradbury-Pineland Corridor and Pineland Public Reserved Land
  • Pineland Farms
  • RRCT’s Pisgah Hill Preserve (one-parcel gap)
  • RRCT’s Intervale Preserve and Royal River access (nearby)
  • RRCT’s Lower Village project (nearby)
  • RRCT’s Big Falls Preserve (nearby)
  • RRCT pdf map illustrating the assets/routes/ above.  This same map is pasted above in jpg format.