RRCT Giving Societies

Royal River Conservation Trust’s Giving Societies recognize donors who support our mission to protect the natural, recreational, scenic, agricultural, and historic resources of the Royal River region for current and future generations.  We are grateful to the hundreds of individuals and organizations who make this mission a priority and are especially appreciative of these leadership donors who made generous gifts during the 2022 calendar year to facilitate the conservation of the Royal River watershed.

Goldenrod Society

  • Anonymous (4)
  • Margaret and Tom Downing
  • Jay and Emily Jones
  • Elizabeth and Robert Nanovic
  • Ann Beatty-Rose and Dan Rose
  • Tania Jo and Beth Sturtevant
  • Ben and Rebecca Wood

Elderberry Society
$5,000 – $9,999

  • Terry DeWan and Nancy Wines-DeWan
  • Gro Flatebo and Kent Wommack

Wintergreen Society
$2,000 – $4,999

  • Kate and Alec Altman
  • Bill Dunn and Barbara Logan
  • Bonnie Eletz
  • Ed and Joyce Gervais
  • Karen Herold and Mark Isaacson
  • Jo D. Saffeir and Kris Carr
  • Moira Shanahan and Michael Friendly
  • Douglas and Debra Smith
  • Kaytrue and Jonathan Staley
  • Bert Troughton and Joan Dempsey

Black Trumpet Society
$1,000 – $1,999

  • Eric and Megan Abbott
  • Robert and Margaret Abbott
  • Dave and Cynthia Barnard
  • Steve Barr and Martha Leggat
  • David Chalmers
  • Charlie Chandler
  • Kathryn Dion and David Kennedy
  • Heidi and David Fitz
  • Rachel Garcelon
  • Charlie and Theresa Gendron
  • Doug and Linda Hermann
  • Jim and Mary Highland
  • Jerry King and Grace DeGennaro
  • David Kitchen and Diane Jenkins
  • Darcy Latkin
  • Joseph and Carol Long
  • David McNally
  • Nelson and Betsy Mead
  • Bob and Libby Moore
  • Todd Patstone
  • Susie and Bob Peixotto
  • Mark Power
  • Carol Redelsheimer
  • Bruce Roberts and Susan Feiner
  • Don and Pam Russell
  • Karen and Michael Smith
  • Ann Thayer
  • Bill and Sally Thomas
  • Ellen Tobias and Joanna Billiard
  • Sarah and Jim Van Fleet
  • Monte and Anne Wallace

Fiddlehead Society
$500 – $999

  • Heidi and Warren Alpern
  • Tracy Booth
  • Laurie Broberg
  • Christine and Dave Colson
  • Tom Cox and Christine Force
  • James and Julie Crofts
  • Jonathan and Kathryn Dawson
  • Paul Dioli
  • Ann Donaghy and Nancy Gunzelmann
  • Dan and Mary Draper
  • Katryn Gabrielson and Paul Boots
  • Rebecca Gervais and Neil Boater
  • Ted and Celena Gervais
  • Andrew and Theresa Goodman
  • Gary Goodrich
  • Lisa Gorman
  • Esther Welles Greene
  • Rob and Rebecca Greenleaf
  • Vivian Horoshak and Robert Hawkins
  • Peter Hubbard and Allison McCrory
  • Bob and Jane Humphrey
  • David and Sarah Hyde
  • Christina and Patrick Jackson
  • Wendy and Bud Kellett
  • Evelyn Landry and Robert Dawson
  • Audrey Lones
  • Amelia Macleod
  • William Macleod
  • June McCormack
  • Sarah McDaniel
  • Steve and Doreen McPike
  • Peter Milliken and Linzee Weld
  • Patsy O’Brien
  • Jamie and Karin Orenstein
  • Denny and John Palmer
  • Gib Parrish
  • Krista Reinhart and Kit Clark
  • Ginny Remeika and Jim Burke
  • Peggy Schuler
  • Lynne Seeley and Peter Lee
  • Stephanie Small and Kurt Kelley
  • David Steckler and Marcia Bowen
  • Meghan and Brian Stornelli
  • Benson and Hartley Webster
  • Rick and Lisa Williams
  • Rob Wood and Gay Peterson