Cousins River Marsh & Watershed

Maine Coast Heritage Trust, Royal River Conservation Trust (RRCT), and Freeport Conservation Trust (FCT) worked together through 2020 and 2021 to fundraise for a keystone parcel of the Cousins River marsh system, located in Yarmouth at the intersection of Granite Street and Old County Road. Maine Coast Heritage Trust will own and manage this new MCHT Cousins River Fields & Marsh Preserve. Freeport Conservation Trust owns extensive abutting parcels and marshland, including the new FCT Walsh Preserve.

This easily printed 8.5 x 11 PDF comprehensive 2022 map illustrates all conservation and public land in the lower Cousins River watershed, including the new conservation projects. This same map is at the bottom of this page in jpq format.

By ensuring this shoreline remains undeveloped, the shoreline will accommodate the movement of the marsh as sea level rises. Thanks to the hard work of all three organizations and the generous support of our members and donors, this important habitat will stay intact in the decades to come!

To report an issue at this preserve, contact Maine Coast Heritage Trust.