Rain or Shine Club, Thursdays at 10am

Next outings:

Thursday, August 29, 2019, Pisgah Hill Preserve, GPS Address 74 Dougherty Rd. New Gloucester ME.

Join us to the hike the loop trail at Pisgah Hill. this 400 footer is a nice beginner hike, with lichens and mosses decorating granite near its summit. The beginning of the walk crosses a small creek on a fairly rickety bridge, but a toddler could navigate it with the help of an adult. We hope you join us for the adventure. 

Thursday, September 5, 2019, Chandler Brook Preserve, GPS Address: 1409 North Rd, North Yarmouth ME.

Owned and managed by the Town of North Yarmouth and acquired with the financial support of Royal River Conservation Trust members and donors, Chandler Brook Preserve is a 65-acre property that borders Chandler Brook, one of the major tributaries to the Royal River. The preserve features open fields, and wooded trails, a great adventure for kids and adults alike. Join us and learn more about the Royal River Conservation Trust and the work we are doing and the work we have done. We look forward to meeting you. 

Thursday, September 19, 2019, Big Falls Preserve: GPS Address: 381 Woodman Rd, New Gloucester ME

Big Falls Preserve is a 40 acre preserve at the northern-most end of Woodman Road, straddling the New Gloucester town line and Auburn city line. Donated to RRCT in December of 2018, RRCT improved trails and trailheads in the spring of 2019. This preserve features a scenic waterfall at the mouth of a small wading pool creating a destination for hikers on a 1.5 mile loop trail.  Abutting connecting private trails provide more hiking opportunities.

Thursday, September 26, 2019, Old Townhouse Park, GPS Address: Memorial Highway, North Yarmouth, ME.

Old Town House Park is owned and managed by the Town of North Yarmouth. Located off Memorial Highway, the park is comprised of 62 acres of open space in the center of town that includes a 3.1 mile trail network. It’s 25 acres of upland fields along with 30 acres of seasonal flood plain and freshwater wetlands make this a recreational centerpiece for the town. The trails at Old Town House Park meander through wide, open fields, along the Royal River and through some riverside woodlands, and provide primarily easy walking opportunities.

Program Details:

The Rain or Shine Club offers a family-friendly and new-neighbor-friendly introduction to our favorite places with a focus on our active land stewardship projects. Learn how and why we work to protect land, and to protect and develop access to land. Each week we celebrate our successes with a variety of guided and self-led tours. Please join us Thursday mornings at 10am for a well-planned, no-cost adventure. Outings are typically an hour or two long. This five minute video describes the program and experience from one family’s perspective.  

We head out rain (or snow, or wind…) or shine! Please be mindful of the weather, and bugs, and dress accordingly. Bring appropriate gear, snacks, and thermos or water bottle. Well-behaved dogs are usually welcome with a leash and bags. Check this site regularly to stay updated. Any updates or changes to an event will be posted here by 7 am on the day of the outing.

Contact us at (207) 847-9399 with questions about gear, driving directions or anything else.

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