RRCT Celebrates!

The painting above is a portion of a new original work of art by local Artist Gail Clark capturing the energy and celebratory sentiments of RRCT Celebrates! in recent years at Skyline Farm in North Yarmouth.

RRCT Celebrates! looks a little different in 2020. We normally gather under a tent and enjoy food and drinks together. This year we won’t have a big gathering, but we still have so much to celebrate!

And, we want to celebrate with you! 

We’re honored to present the 2020 Maine Conservation Champion Award to Cathy Ramsdell and Friends of Casco Bay. For more information on Cathy,  the award, and Friends of Casco Bay visit our RRCT Maine Conservation Champion Award webpage.

Over the summer and fall of 2020, we’ll celebrating some of our current projects and unveiling active campaigns for emerging new preserves. We’ll start with one-on-one site visits introducing donors to the projects, committee meetings on-site and on Zoom, building toward broad-based Zoom calls where we’ll introduce the projects to the community.  Let us know if you’d like to get involved early, or get early updates.  Projects we’ll be celebrating (or launching) include:

  • Expansion complete in 2020: RRCT has conserved six acres abutting Maine DIFW’s Thurston Wildlife Marsh off Woodman Road in New Gloucester, to be managed as an expansion of the state’s wildlife management area.
  • New RRCT preserve planned for 2020: We’re raising $40,000 to create the 75-acre Thoit’s Branch Headwaters Preserve off Upper Minot Road in Pownal with a focus on habitat, ecology, and traditional uses for land that The Nature Conservancy has identified has high priority for climate resilience.
  • New RRCT preserve planned for 2020: We’re raising $30,000 to create the 50-acre Mèmak Preserve off Lufkin Road in North Yarmouth, providing recreational access for mountain bikes, hikers, runners, and snowmobiles, conserving beautiful forests in a fast-growing neighborhood of North Yarmouth.
  • Nearly complete:  We’ve helped Freeport Conservation Trust raise funds for their new Marsh View parcel on the Yarmouth-Freeport line, on the Cousins River.
  • Campaign under way: We’re working with Maine Coast Heritage Trust to raise funds to conserve 82 acres on the Cousins River in Yarmouth
  • Campaign under way: We’re working with Gray-New Gloucester Little League to conserve more than 180 acres in New Gloucester, including some of the best ecology in the Royal River watershed and pivotal parcels for a village trail network on the historic Interurban railway. With more than $300,000 raised to date, we have confidence we will reach our ambitious goals.

We invite your business to sponsor RRCT Celebrates and to contribute toward these acquisition projects! We’d love to promote your business as a conservation leader in the Royal River region. Visit our Business Partnership Page for sponsorship opportunities.

Although we won’t be feeding you or serving drinks, we invite you to support RRCT Celebrates by contributing to our many land acquisition campaigns. Instead of using the form below, please give generously to the campaigns above, using links or forms on those pages.