Sample Accordion

Sample Item1

Adam Pereira

Start by click in the area just below the title of the accordion item. You will be able to choose a block type to insert.

For this one, first I used /col to pick a column layout block. Then, for each column within the layout, place your cursor within the column and / again to choose the type of block you want to place in the column.

This example started as a two column layout with an image block in the first column and a paragraph block in the second column.

Sample Item 2

When starting content on the second item, first click on the item title to be sure you can see the block area where the content for that accordion item is supposed to go. Then, either just type in the area [or paste] if it is a text/paragraph block or use the /block type shortcut to pick a block type.

Then, it is a simple matter to add more content blocks within the accordion area by hitting the enter button and likewise choosing a block type for the new content area. For this next block, I’m just going to pick /image to add a photo block after the text.

Chad Fierros

Sample Item 3

No sample content added here… Carrie can practice on this one!

Sample Item 4