We Are the Royal

The Royal River Conservation Trust conserves strategic parcels of land in the towns that form the Royal River watershed. We are a community-based non-profit land trust supported by local families and businesses. We have conserved 3300 acres of land, farms, and trails on the Royal River and its headwater ponds, hills, and neighborhoods.

We are passionate about the Royal River’s special places, Casco Bay, and the small hills and mountains upriver. We want kids in our communities to have a sense of wonder, in their backyards.

Our membership base is more than 500 households and business partners supporting land conservation in your community.  In 2014 we increased our membership significantly, welcoming 50 new households and several new businesses.  Thank you for your generosity. Please continue to support our work.

If we aren’t already acquainted, or if you don’t find what you’re looking for on this website, contact us or stop by the office for a visit.