Bradbury-Pineland Corridor Trails

thumbnail of Bradbury-Pineland_Corridor_Apr2015_smallThe Bradbury-Pineland Corridor consists of a network of both polished and rough trails that connect Bradbury Mountain State Park to the Pineland Public Reserved Land. The trail originates in Pownal at Bradbury Mountain State Park, heads west over Tryon Mountain and past the scenic Tryon fields, and then joins with the CMP power line where the trail heads south along Thoit’s Brook and Chandler Brook. The trail then connects to the trail network at the Pineland Public Reserved Lands Unit in Gray and North Yarmouth. Various side trails or spurs extend from the main corridor.

The trails are primarily for hiking, trail running, and mountain biking. Especially in Pineland Public Reserved Lands Unit, only narrow planks help hikers and bike riders cross wet spots. Allowed uses also include skiing, snowshoeing, horseback riding, and snowmobiling in some locations. Please note that these trails, especially those snowmobile trails along the CMP powerline corridor, will never meet the expectations of the average hiker or bike rider, and lack signage for easy navigation except when snowmobile tracks are obvious.

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