Bradbury-Pineland Corridor

Trails now connect Bradbury Mountain State Park in Pownal to the Pineland Public Reserved Lands Unit in Gray and North Yarmouth, however continued trail improvements in 2017 and beyond are necessary to meet the expectations of many trail users, especially along the powerline. Not all trails on the map on this page are suitable for all people due to planned or needed maintenance or construction, and needed directional signage.

mapimage-rrct-bradbury-pineland-corridor-2Pownal Segments
New state park land known as “The Corridor” now hosts a multi-use trail linking Bradbury State Park proper, to trails on the CMP Powerline in Pownal. Bridges provide safe crossings of Thoit’s Brook and Chandler Brook. Chandler Brook is stocked with brook trout. The trail is inviting and accessible for a wide range of users. Open fields (Tryon Fields, west of Lawrence Road) are maintained for wildlife, scenery, and winter sledding.  Royal River Conservation Trust conservation easement protect adjoining properties. Easily printed 8.5 x 11 map of the Pownal segments.

Tryon Mountain (Pownal)
Tryon Mountain’s summit includes old quarries and delightful opportunities for children to explore for minerals and treasures. Old stone walls and ledges enhance the trails through deep woods.  Tryon Mountain’s trails are included in the maps above.

CMP Corridor
The CMP Corridor that connects the state park corridor and Pineland is suitable for winter uses, but challenging in the summer at three bridge locations; plan to dismount from bikes and walk carefully on bridges on the powerline.  Gates that are open in the winter may be closed in summer, even though summer uses are permitted by CMP and Maine BPL.  Look for planned improvements in 2017 or later. Local snowmobile clubs provide maintenance and mapping of connecting snowmobile trails along CMPs corridors and nearby towns.

mapimage-rrct-bradbury-pineland-corridor-1Pineland Public Reserved Land
Connections to “Pineland” refer to trails on state forests (Pineland Public Reserved Lands Unit) in Gray, North Yarmouth, and New Gloucester. These trails do not connect to nearby Pineland Farms’ extensive trail networks.  Trails on Pineland Public Reserved Lands allow dogs, allow hunting, and are open to the public at no charge.  (Nearby well-managed Pineland Farms trails do not allow dogs or hunting, and require payment.)  The new trails are designed primarily for hiking and mountain bikes (narrow planks to cross wet spots). Allowed uses that may be challenged by the planks include ski, snowshoe, or horse. Easily printed 8.5 x 11 map of the Pineland Public Reserved Land segments.

Hunting is allowed near many trails, while it is prohibited in some sections of Bradbury State Park. Hunters and trail users should always use caution and wear orange;  trail users should consider using other trails during hunting season. Dogs can considerably disrupt game and habitat, especially during winter when deer are exhausted by deep snow;  keeping dogs on leash or under strict control on paths is appreciated by hunters and wildlife.

Private Landowners
Please stay on marked trails, and respect the many private landowners who both host marked trails, and ask that their private trails, fields, and forests be respected.  Some private landowners allow special public events or snowmobile usage on their trails upon request, but do not allow general public access

Pets & Horses
Pets are best on trails when they are on leash; leashes are required on some  trails.  Pets and wildlife benefit when pets stay on trails. Please always remove pet and horse waste, even in remote trail sections.  Pet waste is a significant factor in the water quality of fishing brooks like Chandler Brook.

More Connections Planned
The Royal River Conservation Trust is working with the Town of Pownal and Bradbury Mountain State Park to develop and publish maps of additional trail connections in 2017 or later. Contact us for more information on our plans.