Old Town House Park

This local park is managed by the Town of North Yarmouth, partially protected by a Conservation Easement held by the US Fish & Wildlife Service (Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge), and partially buffered by a Conservation Easement (Dunn’s Depot) held by the Royal River Conservation Trust.  The Rachel Carson Conservation Easement extends to protect private properties abutting the park, as well.

Located off Memorial Highway, Old Town House Park is comprised of 62 acres of open space in the geographic center of town. 25 acres of upland fields, along with 30 acres of seasonal flood plain and freshwater wetlands, make this a recreational centerpiece for the town. This park was purchased in 1998.

The park features a variety of walking trails, along with 2 parking areas and Royal River access for canoes or kayaks, a key access point for the Royal River Water Trail.   The park is known as an exceptional site for birding, managed for bird habitat, and written up in several birding guides.

The Town of North Yarmouth webpage includes maps and a brochure for Old Town House Park.

Additional information on Old Town House Park is available at MaineTrailFinder.com