Events and Programs

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The Habitat Bunch Thursdays 10:00 am or 5:30 pm

Join RRCT staff and professional experts in weekly explorations on conserved lands in the Royal River watershed, typically Thursday at 10:00 am or 5:30 pm. The purpose of these weekly treks will vary – one week focused on gathering neighborhood management plan feedback, the next showcasing recent habitat restoration, and the next a hike to watch a spring migration. Visit: The Habitat Bunch to learn more.

Trail Crew: Wednesdays 10 am

Trail Crew each Wednesday at 10 am  is a volunteer program each Wednesday (and as scheduled) working on RRCT trails and preserves — and helping support trail partnerships — in Yarmouth, North Yarmouth, Pownal, New Gloucester, Durham, Gray, and Auburn.  Details and schedule here.

4th Annual RRCT Celebrates! August 19, 2021

Join us for our signature annual summer celebration of conservation successes. In 2021 all proceeds from this event will go directly to land acquisition in the Royal River watershed. For more information visit: RRCT Celebrates!

RRCT Annual Meeting of the Membership September 28, 2021

Chandler Brook Bridge by B. Williamson

Annual Meeting of RRCT’s Membership

5:30 pm

Yarmouth’s Log Cabin (American Legion): 196 Main Street

Agenda: Various updates, overviews, and introductions. We’ll provide updates on progress toward our strategic plan goals, and more.

Sole full membership voting agenda (as of July 2021): Election of Members of the Board of Directors for three terms beginning in 2021. Interested in learning more about how we recruit members to the Board?

Voting rights: As established by the Executive Committee pursuant to RRCT’s bylaws, voting members for regular and special membership meetings in the fall of 2021 shall be defined as one vote per household of those having made donations of any size between January 1, 2020, and August 1, 2021. Proxy or absentee votes are not allowed. Bylaws are posted here.

More details to follow as the date approaches. The business-like Annual Meeting of the Membership is typically followed by the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors, and a Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors. Join us for all of the meetings, or let us know of any questions or interests!

We are scoping one exciting project that might require a special meeting of the Membership later in the fall of 2021. The full membership (following notice) must vote on any transfer or amendment of RRCT’s conservation interests. We are considering the transfer of a property to another conservation organization, though details are still emerging and likely will not be ripe for the September regular meeting of the Membership.

RRCT 400 Footer Club: Ten Destinations for 2021

Join our RRCT 400 Footer Club by conquering ten destinations on your own (self-guided, self-led) or join staffed and volunteer excursions to the same destinations through other events and programs described in tabs below. Win a badge, and post your adventures at #RRCT400FooterClub. Visit:  RRCT 400 Footer Club details and map pack here.

Once a Month Get Out! Nature Walks

Royal River Conservation Trust and The Chebeague and Cumberland Land Trust partner in sponsoring Get Out! Nature walks. These walks are lead by a Maine Master Naturalist or some other skilled and knowledgeable volunteer. Details and Schedule here.

Pisgah Hill Full Moon Trek TBD 2022

February 2022 (Saturday Evening, Free)
4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
74 Dougherty Rd., New Gloucester

Free! Join us for our signature event with a bonfire at the summit. Stay tuned for details.