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RRCT Angler Blitz: Wild Brook Trout Inventory, March-April 2020

RRCT Angler Blitz: Wild Brook Trout Inventory, March-April 2020.

What & Why: We seek your volunteer help for a better trout inventory of streams, ponds, and estuaries in the region that might naturally support brook trout, including overwintering of stocked trout from prior years. We explain more of the “why” further below, especially pointing you toward systematic efforts of Trout Unlimited and Maine Audubon working closely with Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife (DIFW).

Who: Any person with a fishing pole and a worm. The Governor opened inland fishing early, with no need for a license in March-April 2020.

When: April is best! Volunteer inventory is best conducted prior to any seasonal stocking of streams and rivers by DIFW; stocking typically does not begin until the month of May. DIFW’s stocking schedule is here. Isolated ponds and isolated tributaries (far away from stocking sites, or blocked from stocking sites by dams or culverts, or coastal streams) can be inventoried year-round for valuable data.

How/Why:  It’s as easy as heading out to one of the sites below, catching a brook trout, and snapping a photo of the fish as proof.  Trout Unlimited & Maine Audubon’s Coastal Stream Survey Project website has the best detailed information on the initiative, and best recommended practices. On that site, the “Stream Survey Form” and the “Stream Survey Form Instructions” are the most important parts to print out. Or if you want to be less formal, just send basic information to (photo of brook trout, date, location) and we’ll formally inventory the site later to confirm your report.

Where: We seek data from ponds, tributary streams, and sections of the Royal that have NOT YET been verified as brook trout habitat. This map from DIFW identifies locations where DIFW has verified the presence of brook trout (red dots/BKT), as well as sites which FAILED to illustrate the presence of brook trout (yellow dots, or purple dots for brown trout/BNT). You might head toward places that have failed in the past, or places that simply haven’t been inventoried. For RRCT, we are primarily interested in data regarding:

Reach out to us at if you have any questions!  Thank you!

RRCT 400 Footer Club: Ten destinations for 2020

RRCT 400 Footer Club, Self-Guided (Free).  Join our RRCT 400 Footer Club by conquering ten destinations on your own (self-guided, self-led) or join staffed and volunteer excursions to the same destinations through other events and programs described in tabs below.  Win a badge, and post your adventures at #RRCT400FooterClub  RRCT 400 Footer Club details and map pack here.

Rain or Shine Club: Self-led during Spring 2020
Rain or Shine Club, typically every Thursday morning at 10 am, but self-led and flexible during Spring 2020 is a free program to help you experience your neighborhood in new ways and learn where to explore across town. We visit different places each week across our service area: Yarmouth, North Yarmouth, Pownal, New Gloucester,  Durham, Gray, and Auburn.

Details and schedule here

Trail Crew: Solo Tasks Spring 2020

Trail Crew each Wednesday at 10 am (replaced by solo tasks Spring 2020) is a volunteer program each Wednesday (and as scheduled) working on RRCT trails and preserves — and helping support trail partnerships — in Yarmouth, North Yarmouth, Pownal, New Gloucester, Durham, Gray, and Auburn.  Details and schedule here.

Postponed: 5th Annual Run of the Royal Corporate Canoe Challenge

Stay tuned for the new rescheduled date for RRCT’s signature Run of the Royal canoe relay race in Yarmouth — popular for spectators, paddlers, and vendors. The paddling events all at Yarmouth History Center on East Elm Street, followed by celebrations at Maine Beer Company in Freeport. Details here.

August 13, 2020 (Thursday evening): 3rd Annual RRCT Celebrates!

Join us for our signature annual summer fundraiser, celebrating our conservation successes. Learn more.

September 22, 2020 (Tuesday at 5:30 pm): Annual Meeting of the Membership & Board

Typically along-side a regular board meeting, our business-like annual meetings include the election of new directors and new officers. Unique issues like bylaw changes or disposition of conservation interests — if proposed — will benefit from specific notice to all members.  We welcome attendance and voting by any RRCT member, defined as any recent donor of $35.00 or more.  If you’re interested in how we recruit board members — for yourself or others — please view this RRCT recruiting web page.

February 2021 (Saturday evening, Free): 9th Annual Pisgah Hill Full Moon Trek

February 2021 (Saturday Evening, Free)

4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

9th Annual Pisgah Hill Full Moon Trek

74 Dougherty Road, New Gloucester

Free! Join us for our signature event with a bonfire at the summit.

 More information here