Trail Crew Wednesdays at 10:00 am

Wednesday at 10:00am: December 8, 2021 – There will be no Trail Crew work day today as we will be preparing for work to begin on the Pisgah Hill bridge this coming Saturday. In the meantime, please see Saturday’s posting below and email Chad ( with any equipment you are able to bring.

Saturday at 10:00am: December 11, 2021Pisgah Hill Preserve: Today we will kick off the new bridge and boardwalk project over Quarry Brook on the southern block of Pisgah Hill Preserve (on Dougherty Road) in New Gloucester. Our primary goal will be to drive the steel pipes that will support the structure. We may also set one of the end footings and install the most basic framing elements. WE NEED LOTS OF HELP! More hands make less work so come on out! Please take care to dress appropriately for the weather and for working in and around the stream.

Equipment needed: shovels (regular and square point), Pulaski or other tool for chopping through roots, sturdy buckets for gravel, cordless angle grinder with blades and charged batteries (and/or reciprocating saws with blades and batteries), skill saws, sledgehammers, 8ft step ladder, cordless drills and drivers (with charged batteries), extra batteries, long levels, and laser level. Please reach out to our Stewardship Director ( with the equipment you are able to bring.

PPE needed: work gloves, safety glasses, and warm clothes (waterproof gear may come in handy). Please bring good ear protection! We will be using a loud, gas-powered pipe driver. We will have disposable ear plugs on-site for those who need them. The access trail has already begun to get icy so please bring appropriate footwear.

Wednesday at 10:00am: December 15, 2021Pisgah Hill Preserve: This week we will continue to work on the bridge and boardwalk project. Project needs will be determined by material availability. Please keep an eye on this webpage for up-to-date information. Thanks for your patience!


Royal River Conservation Trust’s weekly volunteer trail upkeep and construction program is prepped by volunteers or staff, and compliments our annual stewardship field work. Work sessions are planned for two hours, always Wednesdays, always at 10:00 am. Our work focuses on RRCT’s many public access properties, often spending several weeks in a row at the same site. RRCT is also happy to help out our trail neighbors when the Trail Crew has availability. Trail Crew attendance ranges from two and eight volunteers each week.

There is a job for everyone, no matter your shape, skills, strength. Join us the one week you have time or interest, or put Trail Crew on your calendar as your regular Wednesday morning ritual. Trail Crew’s focus on creatively, sustainably, safely, and efficiently completing RRCT’s physical work goals. Trail Crew tackles a variety of on-site trail building issues including boundary identification and marking, route finding and trail alignment, brush and wood clearing, water management, wetland and stream crossings, treadway stabilization, invasives species management and signage. Beyond the trails the Crew does projects relating to wildlife habitat and healthy ecosystems.

RRCT brings specific tools that will be helpful. We encourage volunteer crew members to bring their own tools. Hand saws, pole saws, and loppers are favorites. Crew members should bring a water bottle and should wear sturdy shoes, safety glasses, gloves, and the right clothes for the day. Bug repellents and tick checks are also de rigueur.