Trail Crew – Wednesdays at 10:00 am

Wednesday at 10:00 am: February 8, 2023Big Falls Preserve: This week we will head back to Big Falls Preserve and work on clearing some blowdowns from the Norumbega Trails (soon to be part of Talking Brook Public Lands). This will involve lengthy hiking along snowy trails – please manage your own ability/comfortability levels.

RRCT will bring a chainsaw, PPE, and a peavey. This work day will only require a few volunteers – please email if you plan to attend. UPDATE: As of 2/7, we have filled our volunteer needs for this work day (Bill, Mike, and Michael).

Park at the end of Woodman Road, just beyond the intersection with Ayer Road, at the trailhead kiosk on the right. The parking area is small – please park courteously. If the parking area is full, please park on the shoulder of Woodman Road well clear of the intersection. Mind the area with ‘No Parking’ signs.

Wednesday at 10:00 am: February 15, 2023Old Harris Road Preserve (tentative): Depending weather and availability, we may head to Old Harris Road Preserve in Pownal to clear a large blowdown that is hung-up across the trail. This work session will likely require only 2-3 volunteers and shouldn’t take the full two hours.

RRCT will bring a chainsaw, PPE, and a peavey. If you have them, please bring rescue straps or other similar heavy duty straps/ropes may be helpful for dislodging part of the tree. Please email if you plan to attend.

Park along the Elmwood Road shoulder near the cemetery, across from Pownal Elementary. This page will be updated with alternative parking information if road shoulders are not accessible due to snowbanks.


Royal River Conservation Trust’s weekly volunteer trail upkeep and construction program is prepped by volunteers or staff, and complements our annual stewardship field work. Work sessions are planned for two hours on Wednesdays at 10:00 am. Our work focuses on RRCT’s many public access properties, often spending several weeks in a row at the same site. RRCT is also happy to help out our trail neighbors when the Trail Crew has availability. Trail Crew attendance ranges from 2-10+ volunteers each week.

There is a job for everyone, no matter your shape, skills, or strength. Join us the one week you have time or interest, or put Trail Crew on your calendar as your regular Wednesday morning ritual. Trail Crew focuses on creatively, sustainably, safely, and efficiently completing RRCT’s physical work goals. Trail Crew tackles a variety of on-site trail building issues including route finding and trail alignment, brush and wood clearing, water management, wetland and stream crossings, tread stabilization, invasive species management, and signage. Beyond the trails, the Crew does projects relating to wildlife habitat and healthy ecosystems.

RRCT brings specific tools that will be helpful. We encourage volunteer crew members to bring their own tools. Hand saws, pole saws, and loppers are favorites. Crew members should bring a water bottle and should wear sturdy shoes, safety glasses, gloves, and the right clothes for the day. Tick checks are a must and bringing bug repellent ain’t a bad idea.