Volunteer Steward Program

At RRCT, volunteers make the world go ’round. The Volunteer Steward Program is designed to help RRCT staff by assigning reliable volunteers to specific RRCT properties and empowering them to conduct basic trail maintenance, monitoring, and create relationships with other preserve users. This program is a great fit for those looking for an independent (yet collaborative) experience at a particular preserve, and for those who regularly have time to help make our conserved lands shine.

Roles & Responsibilities

To find out more about this program and whether you might be a good fit, read through the program guide. Downloadable PDF guide.

Interested in talking with us more about joining this program? Send an email to steward@RRCT.org

Reporting Form

Don’t forget to fill out and submit the online reporting form after each visit.

Steward Roster

RRCT Stewardship Director (full-time staff) – Chad Fierros

Volunteer Steward Program Chair (volunteer committee member) – Ellen T.

Big Falls Preserve – Heather, Dan, Jonathan, & Charles B.; Rob J.

Elmwood Trails – Scott E., Mary Ann H., Corie W.

Intervale Preserve – John B., Michael F.

Knight’s Pond Preserve – Bob A., Margaret A.

Littlejohn Island Preserve – Bill D, Tom D.

Mèmak Preserve – Peter B.

Old Harris Road Preserve – Ron D., Beth S.

Pisgah Hill Preserve – Ann BR., John B., Terry D., Mark P.

Runaround Pond & Chesley Meadows – Jake W., Mike F.

Thayer Brook Preserve – Patrick M., Steve M., Bronc S.