Long Hill Road Preserve

Long Hill Road Preserve is located with road frontage on Long Hill Road and Haskell Road in North Yarmouth, near the town lines of both Cumberland and Gray. This 16-acre preserve has no signs or parking other than public road shoulders, and abuts subdivision open space in both Cumberland and Gray. The property is managed for wildlife and ecology with no trails.

To report an issue at this preserve, contact the Royal River Conservation Trust.

More Information

Trails, Trailheads, and Accessibility

The preserve has no trails. Parking is available on road shoulders. The preserve is accessible only to those looking for off trail experiences.

Rules, Regulations, and Hunting

  • The preserve is open for hunting, fishing, foraging, hiking, snowshoeing, and backcountry skiing off trail.
  • Camping is allowed but not suitable for most campers except for neighborhood kids. Please contact us with your plans.
  • Dogs are welcome, but on leash or voice control. Dogs must be on leash near parking, residences, or on paved roads.
  • Please respect various postings on private abutting land.
  • Safe and responsible hunting on the preserve is allowed. Proximity of residences means that this parcel might only be suitable for archery and experienced safe hunters. Preserve users should always wear orange during all hunting seasons.
  • Smoking is prohibited on all RRCT preserves. Fires are prohibited on this preserve.

RRCT & You: Updates, Alerts, and Cautions

RRCT & You: RRCT relies heavily on volunteers and help from preserve users like you. You may know more recent information about preserve conditions than we do. We invite you to be a thoughtful steward by acting as a respectful visitor, adhering to posted rules, and following Leave No Trace practices. RRCT’s small staff and volunteer Trail Crew is able to inspect and maintain RRCT preserves infrequently; we ask you to report to us any issues you observe that you cannot address yourself, and especially to update us on any safety or public safety issues. Please help us on your visits with litter, pet waste, and minor land management issues. We also invite any information on needed or suggested updates to this webpage. Reach out in any way, most simply with an email to info@RRCT.org.

Please respect postings of neighbors, including any postings restricting parking on private roads. Perennial Drive is a private road with no public access and no public parking.

Be sensitive to narrow shoulders and high traffic speeds when parking on Haskell Road or Long Hill Road.

This preserve has no trails.

Conservation History and Ownership

Acquired by RRCT in 2007, this 16-acre parcel is a required Open Space Lot created as part of the subdivision of the neighborhood. The final lot in the subdivision was sold in 2023. The parcel abuts subdivision open space in both Cumberland and Gray.

Natural Resources, Habitat and Historic Interpretation

Located near the height of land that separates the Presumpscot watershed from the Royal watershed, the small stream on this parcel drains to Cumberland and eventually to the Presumpscot River. Wetlands near the stream are likely vernal pools — habitat for amphibians.